Ultrachromate 300 is a chemical treatment for cadmium where extreme corrosion resistance under adverse conditions is a requirement (1000 hours in salt spray consistently). The bath produces a smooth, hard, abrasion coating of rich brown to olive drab color on bright cadmium or cadmium-titanium plate.

Ultrachrome 300 can be baked up to 500 F with no loss of protective properties. This treatment is ideally suited for low embrittlement plating on high strength steels since the conversion coating may be applied directly after plating and prior to the hydrogen embrittlement bake relief. Mag inspection can also take place after chromating and baking.

Ultrachrome 300 is called out by Boeing Aircraft in Cadmium-Titanium in BAC 5804 and Bright Cadmium in BAC 5701. Ultrachromate 300 is also suitable for Porous-Cad DPS-9-28 and Nickel-Cad AMS 2416.